Monday, October 31, 2011

Mondays with Martha

Thought you might like this. Any thoughts? Happy Halloween!
(SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2011 -- Men looking to land a costumed-date on Halloween have a set of tips from the dating and relationship blog, How to Get a Girl to Like You. The site recently released a guide to help men put their best foot forward on a night known for partying and socializing.

The site’s head, Susan Jennings, notes that many men fall flat on Halloween because they pick the wrong costume: “Costume selection is crucial if a man wants to find a match on Halloween night. In fact, many men that would otherwise be a wallflower on Halloween can reinvent themselves with the right costume.” What Halloween costume tips does Jennings offer to men on her blog? “The most important thing is that it’s comfortable and conveys a sense of style and integrity. Many men wear costumes with the intent to shock others. This may turn heads, but it won’t get them the attention they’re likely looking for.” Jennings also warns against masks and excessive makeup –both of which can make it harder for others to see one’s face.

The site advises men to choose a costume that is timely but not offensive. For example, Jennings writes that costumes related to the European credit crunch of other hot-button issues can show that you’re knowledgeable and creative.

What else does How to Get a Girl to Like You advise men to do to have the best chance of meeting a potential girlfriend on Halloween? Jennings notes that being more outgoing and gregarious than usual can work in a man’s favor. She adds, “If a guy is naturally shy, Halloween is the perfect time to break out of his shell and meet some new people. Halloween is a time when people literally pretend to be someone they’re not. Why not turn that mentality in an opportunity to beef up a lackluster dating stretch?”.

The blog also notes that drinking too much is a common issue with men on Halloween. They recommend limiting alcohol intake so that men can stay sharp and focused when talking to scantily-clad Halloween partiers.

Jennings offer some parting words to her blog’s followers on Halloween: “Look good and meet people on Halloween. But most importantly, have fun.

Men wanting to learn more tips on getting girls can visit How to Get a Girl to Like You at:

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