Monday, March 25, 2013

Mondays with Martha

Whether you hope to meet someone, just started dating someone or are in a relationship; the following article gives you some really good tips to keep your dating life, fun and exciting!   Martha

5 Dating Habits To Keep In Your Relationship
Winona Dimeo-Ediger

I’ve been in a relationship for a really long time, which means I haven’t technically “dated” since George W. Bush was president. Sometimes I feel a little nostalgic and curious about the dating lifestyle, but the other day, when I asked my boyfriend if it hurt when he fell from heaven, I realized there are a lot of things about dating that can — and should — translate to long-term relationships. Corny pick-up lines, for example. Here are a few more dating habits and rituals to keep in your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together…

1. Flirting. If I could give every couple one piece of advice for keeping a relationship fun and romantic, it would be this: never stop flirting. Tease each other. Leave each other random love notes. Send each other suggestive texts. Play footsie under the table. If your partner looks particularly cute or sexy, tell them! Flirting will make your relationship feel playful and let your partner know that you don’t take them for granted.

2. Getting dressed up for dates. It’s nice to be in a secure relationship where you don’t feel the pressure to look perfect all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should put your sexy dresses and heels in storage forever. Make a point of getting ready for couple time every once in awhile: listen to music, paint your pout with red lipstick, and slip into an outfit that makes you feel totally fierce. Encourage your partner to dress up too, because no matter how long you’ve been together, showing off a hot date never gets old.

3. Going on dates in general. When you’ve been with someone for awhile, it’s easy to let fancy dinners and romantic outings fall by the wayside in favor of takeout and “Dr. Who” marathons (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Try to have an official “date” at least once a month where you get all dolled up and spend some quality time together. If you prefer staying in or are on a budget, you can totally do a date night at home: light some candles, cook dinner together, make a romantic playlist–whatever it takes to make sure it feels like a special night.

4. Making out. I know some couples whose sex lives get better over the years and some whose sex lives have stalled out a bit, but a common thread in many long-term relationships is that simply making out — without the expectation of sex — tends to be a rare event. I think that’s a shame, because making out is awesome. Mix up your sexual routine by throwing in some steamy kissing sessions in the kitchen, on the couch, or in the back row at the movie theater.

5. Trying new things. People who date a lot tend to have more varied and active social lives, because they’re always out meeting new people or having random adventures with eager-to-please new partners. There’s no reason you can’t keep this going in a committed relationship. Think about the fun new things you might ask a first date to do with you–anything from taking a drawing class to meeting for cocktails at a hip new bar — and then invite your significant other to join you.


Passover began tonight at sundown. May my Jewish friends enjoy their Passover.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Singles Mingle in the EBC Lounge"

Happening Thursday 
April 4th 6 to 9pm 

Back by Popular Demand!!
Earl's Bucks County, Peddlers Village

Route 202 & Street Rd Lahaska, PA

Earl’s is a great place for Fun, 

Friendships and possibly a Love Connection! 
Delicious New American Cuisine Appetizers Included. 
Additional Appetizers may be purchased @ Half Price. 
Fully stocked Cash bar with Half price off All Draft & Bottled Beers, Wine by the glass, Cocktails and Martinis.
Cost $20.00                                               
Dress: Sharp City Casual Age Range: app.
30's +

For all Events:
Reservation Appreciated (Helps with planning) Bring along a friend so long as they're single!
Call Martha # 215-584-0188
Pay cash at the door or
For credit card payment Must pay ahead and use PayPal on this website.
Great Venue! “All you have to do is show up!”
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Next Wednesday March 20th

"Spring Mixer" 

Calling All Singles! Join us for a night of food, flirting and fun!  

1 East Washington Ave 
(corner of S. State St.) 
 Newtown PA

  6 to 9 pm

The Tavern is Reserved for Martha's Singles.
      It’s a Perfect Venue for a singles mixer!
Mingle, have a great time, make friends and possibly a love connection!   Flavorful and Delicious Appetizers Included.
Fully Stocked Cash bar with Drink Specials: House wines $6.00 & 
All Draft beers $4.00 
Cost $20.00 Dress: Sharp City Casual
RSVP Appreciated Feel free to bring along a friend, so long as they're single! Call Martha # 215-584-0188

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Don't Forget the ROMANCE!

Here is a  romantic song that can bring tears to my eyes. 
Paul Anka's song "Let me try again" is one of the most heartfelt songs I ever heard. 
Enjoy, and don't be afraid to sing along. You know I do.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Day of Spring

What's Happening on the First Day of Spring? 
 "Spring Mixer" @ The Brick Hotel That's what!
  A night of Food, Flirting and Fun! Wed. March 20th 6 to 9 pm 

  1 East Washington Ave(corner of S. State St.) Newtown PA 
 The Tavern is reserved 
for Martha's Singles. Elegant, relaxed atmosphere, a perfect 
venue for a singles mixer. Have a great time, make friendships 
and possibly a love connection!
Flavorful and Delicious Appetizers Included.
Fully Stocked Cash bar with Drink Specials:

House wines $6.00 & All Draft beers $4.00 
Cost $20.00  
Dress: Sharp City Casual   Age Range: app. 30's to 50's
RSVP Appreciated Call Martha # 215-584-0188

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mondays with Martha

There are some great people that come to my events who are shy or afraid to approach someone new an start a conversation. This article might help from:
Overcoming Shyness:
Developing More Ease In Social Situations
By Stefan Gonick, Psychotherapist
The first thing to know if you are suffering from shyness is that you are not alone. In fact, the majority of people report feeling shy in social situations (even if it doesn't look that way to others). Shyness is a very internal experience and is not necessarily that visible to the outside world. In fact, shyness is often mistaken for coldness, aloofness or "snootiness" by other people. You are probably surrounded by shy people all of the time without realizing it. Just knowing this can help reduce our feelings of isolation and shyness a bit.
So, let's say that you are at a party and would like to meet that cute guy or gal but are feeling very shy about taking action. Or maybe you would just like to be more friendly at this party in general. What can you do?
Ways to Reduce Shyness        
One way to ease your general feelings of shyness at a party is to look around for someone who seems to be even more shy than you and go talk that person. Approaching someone who seems more shy will help you feel more confident and less alone. You can talk about your common feelings of discomfort in social situations and feel support. After this successful experience you will probably feel ready to branch out and talk to more people. At the least you may have found a new friend.
Now, let's say that you want to approach someone that you find attractive. This is a more challenging situation. When we are feeling shy, our attention is turned inward. We are preoccupied with fears of being judged by other people. This is very inhibiting and makes us feel and act awkward. One way to deal with this is to turn our attention outward. We do this by focusing on what we like about the other person. Imagine saying positive, appreciative things to that person, like "I like your smile" or "I like how alive you seem" or whatever it is that makes the person appealing to you. Then, feel and say these appreciations to the person in your head as you approach him or her. You will be coming towards that person with the positive energy of appreciation rather than the energy of fear. This will help you feel more at ease and you will feel better to the other person. This technique can be quite helpful.
My last recommendation is practice. The more you try these techniques, the more comfortable you will become. Read the how-to guide called, "How to Overcome the Fear of Rejection: The Successful Rejection Experience" for an amusing story about intentionally getting rejected to reduce our fear of it. As with everything else, practice makes perfect.
Remember, you are not alone. Most of us feel shy in social situations. Practice these techniques, and you will meet more people in general and, hopefully, that special someone. Shy people of the world unite!

Stefan Gonick is available for relationship counseling.

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