Thursday, May 12, 2016

Guys On Reddit Pickup Lines That Actually Work from AskMen

Pickup lines can be kind of cheesy, but sometimes it's all you've got to bridge the gap between you and a woman you're dying to talk to. As long as you're not using a creepy or groan-inducing pick up line, a clever/cute/punny line can be a refreshing break from the usual "I saw you across the room and..." or "Hi, what's your name?". And if you get a laugh out of it, you can really rest assured you're going in strong.
Another thing to consider when using a line is that it should be something you actually feel comfortable saying. If you use a line that's completely out of character for you, it's going to be obvious to her in the next few minutes of conversation. So, try to go with something natural!

Here are some posts from Guys On Reddit:

1. I walked up to a cashier and thought she was cute, so I decided eh why not and tried the first pickup line that came to my mind after she finished scanning everything. "So, if I wasn't buying all this gatorade, would you still check me out?" She paused and she blinked a couple times and just started to giggle and blush and I mean, she looked like she was trying so hard to not burst out laughing. Well, being the socially awkward guy I was I literally swiped my card and pressed credit and grabbed my bags as quickly as possible and zoomed out, thinking that I failed miserably...
2. A buddy of mine is really good with women. He does this one thing on our uni campus where he'll go up to a random girl. Him: "hey I have a question and need a woman's advice" Her: "sure what's up?" Him: "let's say I see a really cute girl, do I go up and talk to her or is that too direct?" Her: 99.9999% of them say: "you should totally go talk to her." Him: he then introduces himself. I've done it two times and got two numbers out of it so it's clearly a 100% success rate!
3. I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You're making the other girls look bad. I have personally used it and succeeded. 
4. Are you my appendix? Because I don't know anything about you but this feeling in my gut is telling me that I should take you out.
5. Hey, is that guy bothering you? No? Would you mind if I bothered you then?
6. Present sleeve. "Hey, feel this..." They feel it. "Know what that is? "What?" "That's boyfriend material."
7. My personal favorite comes I believe from Sean Connery: "My magic watch says you aren't wearing any underwear." "Well your watch must be broken because I am in fact wearing underwear." "Damn thing must be ten minutes fast..."

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Everything!
Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season with friends and family.
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Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Leap Year "Sadie Hawkins Day" Ladies Go Get Your Man!

Quotes from Valentine's Day Funny and Sarcastic!

  • My boyfriend told me I can do with him whatever I want on Valentine’s Day, so I tied him up and went to the nightclub.
  • Every man would agree, that 14th of February should be celebrated in a fiscally but not sexually conservative way.
  • What’s does my perfect Valentine’s day look like? I am sitting at work with 5 cell phones in front of me and people are calling me every 10 minutes to buy one of the 50 reservations that I made in different restaurants.
  • If you‘re alone during Valentine’s day, it is priceless for you. Otherwise you would spend a few hundred dollars.
  • If you feel sad that you stay alone during Valentine‘s day, just remember that nobody loves you on any of those other 355 days of the year.
  • Valentine’s Day is for couples. All singles can enjoy themselves for rest of 364 days of the year.
  • Please remember that Valentine’s Day is a polite reminder that Christmas decorations must go down!
  • I‘m only in this for your cute butt. Obviously. Happy Valentine‘s day.
  • I love you just the way I am
  • A real confession: You mean so much more to me than my new iPhone!
  • I do not need a photograph to remember you, because you are always on my mind.
  • To be happy with a man you have to understand him a lot and love me a little. While with the women it‘s vice versa: love them a lot and don‘t even try to understand them. Happy Valentine’s day
  • I need to fall in love, because I haven’t had any problems for a long time. Happy February 14th!
  • This Valentine’s Day, I am wishing you all the love a somewhat logical string of emojis can convey.
  • May your status on Facebook not change to ‘complicated’ after this Valentine’s Day.
  • You should leave the office earlier so your colleagues will think you have some romantic plans for Valentine’s Day.
  • I wish you would be my emergency contact person one day.
  • I’m celebrating no need to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Congratulations! You are my first repetitive Valentine.
  • I suspect you were cheating, your gift for me was too amazing.
  • I want to say thank you for the flowers I’m going to send to myself and pretend are from you.
  • My love, I can’t believe how much I’m not sick of you. What about you?
  • Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day by repopulating the planet.
  • There only one thing which is more exhausting than planning Valentine’s Day and it is pretending to be excited about it.
  • No, darling, I don’t think it would be appropriate to give you your Valentine’s Day gift at the restaurant.
  • Your street won’t be the only thing getting plowed this Valentine’s Day.
  • I have a tradition to wish Happy Valentine’s Day to the person that I’ve slept with most recently.

Monday, February 22, 2016

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