Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Don't Forget! 
"Social Singles Mixer"
6 to 9pm @ Toscana 52 in  Feasterville/Trevose.
Call Martha #215-584-0188

Monday, November 28, 2011

Mondays with Martha

I hope every one's Thanksgiving was wonderful. I know  first hand that sometimes getting together with family may have its' moments. I'm sure you needed to recuperate from all the food not to mention the left overs.
Now it is Monday. In less than 2 days as of this writing, my Social Mixer will be taking place. This will be a good time to get out for a relaxing but fun evening with other genuine singles. It's happening on Nov. 30th, @ Toscana 52, in Feasterville/Trevose  on E. Street Rd from 6 to 9pm. All ages welcome!
Dress City Casual. Hot & Cold Appetizers, Cash bar  $20.00.
 If you bring a single male friend you split the cost, so you pay $10.00 each.
Looking forward to seeing you there. RSVP Appreciated Call Martha # 215-584-0188.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mondays with Martha

Last Friday night I stopped at a local Bar/Restaurant near where I live. While I was there having something to eat with my usual Cabernet Spritzer, I noticed that the lounge area was cleared out.  I was told that a Singles Meetup group was coming in and they made some room for dancing.  They started drifting in little by little and ending up with a nice crowd maybe 30 people.
The ratio of women to men was about eight to one. Not good. A bunch of them sat to my right at the bar talking amongst themselves, ordering drinks and of course deciding what they wanted to eat. In the lounge, women danced with each other. The men talked to each other and some just stood around. One friendly guy was taking pictures. I spoke to a couple of guys whilst I stayed seated at the bar. One gentleman, 54 yrs old, divorced who was just standing  around told me the women looked like they were all together and having a fine time without him. He didn't know how to intervene or even if he should!  I reminded him we were talking and he said it was because I started the conversation and he was enjoying it. I explained that the women want the man to approach, especially older women. He was concerned that maybe she wouldn't be interested or maybe he wouldn't be after speaking with her. Now, I had to give a mini lesson on flirting before he made his move.  Similar situation with the other gentleman. He said with all the women there you would think it would be easy but he felt no one was interested in him. Later, I turned to the several women seated to my right at the bar. I asked them why they were stuck together at the bar. One said "Isn't that always the way. The men on one side and the women on the other"  Then another said "We're here! Why don't they come over?" I did agree that should happen. Men should go up to bat and if they strike out. So what? Just get back up. As for the ladies, instead of appearing more interested in food or each other, they could look around, smile at a potential honey and let him know they would welcome his approach.
The reality was Soo high school. Most of these people were definitely over fifty.  They still were apart. All of them, men & women alike, agreed they were there mainly to meet the opposite sex.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Upcoming Events

Social Singles Mixer 
"Where Singles Mingle"
If you haven't been to Toscana 52, you're missing out.
Popular Place, Delicious Italian Appetizers, Warm Atmosphere, Cash bar, $20.00.
All Ages, Dress City Casual
Don't Miss It! Happening the Wednesday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 30th 6 to 9pm in Feasterville/Trevose.
This is a great time after the Thanksgiving Holiday to get out and Mix and Mingle with other singles. Always fun and enjoyable at a Martha's Singles event.
See Events Calendar. Questions &  RSVP: Call Martha # 215-584-0188.
Discounts available
Martha's Singles Dance Party
     "Where Singles Mingle"

Dance to Hot 'n' Happening Tunes with Singer and Entertainer Kristin Coryell!
Treats & snacks provided, Cash bar, $25.00.
 All Ages, Dress City Casual or Better
The crowd gets going when Kristin's in the house! Singer, Musician, DJ, Karaoke and more. Happening Wednesday Dec.7th 7:30 to 11pm @ Middletown Country Club in Langhorne.

See Events Calendar. Questions & RSVP: Call Martha # 215-584-0188.
Discounts available.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondays with Martha

A thoughtful excerpt  from a short story written in the 1930s, by Dorothy Parker.
Is it that different today? Are we still agonizing over what we did or said because we're not hearing from the other? And do men worry if they let time pass, and then call, they might get the cold shoulder? Follow with me.

This is the last time I'll look at the clock. I will not look at it again. It's ten minutes past seven. He said he would telephone at five o'clock. "I'll call you at five, darling." I think that's where he said "darling.'' I'm almost sure he said it there.  I know he called me "darling" twice, and the other time was when he said good-by. "Good-by, darling."  He was busy, and he can't say much in the office, but he called me"darling" twice. He couldn't have minded my calling him up. I know you shouldn't keep telephoning them--I know they don't like that. When you do that, they know you are thinking about them and wanting them, and that makes them hate you. But I hadn't talked to him in three days--not in three days. And all I did was ask him how he was; it was just the way anybody might have called him up. He couldn't have minded that. He couldn't have thought I was bothering him. "No, of course you're not," he said.  And he said he'd telephone me . He didn't have to say that. I didn't ask him to, truly I didn't. I'm sure I didn't. I don't think he would say he'd telephone me, and then just never do it. Please don't let him do that, God. Please don't.
"I'll call you at five darling."  "Good-by, darling." 

Your thoughts?


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Friday, November 11, 2011

Events Calendar

Stay tuned to the latest events with Events Calendar. Also, see rsvp to events, left column.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where will Singles Mingle? Why at Toscana 52, of course!
"Social Singles Mixer"  Happening Wed. Nov. 30th 6 To 9pm, 4603 Street Rd in Feasterville. 
Great Atmosphere, Great Food, Great People!
Have a Wonderful Time Meeting and Mixing with other Fun Singles.  Enjoy the Delicious hot and cold appetizers, Cash bar.
 RSVP with payment by 11/23 $17.00, otherwise $20.00.
Call or E-mail Martha,  #215-584-0188
 If you subscribe or become a follower to this blog starting today 11/10/11, you will receive 20% off  the next event you attend.
Please feel free to make comments on my posts. Also, if you have ideas for future events, don't hesitate to contact me.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Social Singles Mixer

Wed. Nov.30th 6 to 9pm
Happening @ Toscana 52, Feasterville, PA
Wonderful ambiance where singles can mingle. Delicious appetizers, cash bar. 
RSVP with payment by 11/23 $17.00, afterward $20.00.
See Events Calendar for details.