Monday, October 31, 2011

October 2011 Events

< Wine Pairing @ CHOW284, Feasterville

It was great! Plenty of delicious food, good wines and a fun and sociable crowd. Friendships and more came out of this one.
 Autumn Cocktail Party >                               
@ The New Continental Tavern, Yardley

Great place, wonderful food, friendly people.
Everyone enjoyed themselves, made new friends and had a fabulous time!

Mondays with Martha

Thought you might like this. Any thoughts? Happy Halloween!
(SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2011 -- Men looking to land a costumed-date on Halloween have a set of tips from the dating and relationship blog, How to Get a Girl to Like You. The site recently released a guide to help men put their best foot forward on a night known for partying and socializing.

The site’s head, Susan Jennings, notes that many men fall flat on Halloween because they pick the wrong costume: “Costume selection is crucial if a man wants to find a match on Halloween night. In fact, many men that would otherwise be a wallflower on Halloween can reinvent themselves with the right costume.” What Halloween costume tips does Jennings offer to men on her blog? “The most important thing is that it’s comfortable and conveys a sense of style and integrity. Many men wear costumes with the intent to shock others. This may turn heads, but it won’t get them the attention they’re likely looking for.” Jennings also warns against masks and excessive makeup –both of which can make it harder for others to see one’s face.

The site advises men to choose a costume that is timely but not offensive. For example, Jennings writes that costumes related to the European credit crunch of other hot-button issues can show that you’re knowledgeable and creative.

What else does How to Get a Girl to Like You advise men to do to have the best chance of meeting a potential girlfriend on Halloween? Jennings notes that being more outgoing and gregarious than usual can work in a man’s favor. She adds, “If a guy is naturally shy, Halloween is the perfect time to break out of his shell and meet some new people. Halloween is a time when people literally pretend to be someone they’re not. Why not turn that mentality in an opportunity to beef up a lackluster dating stretch?”.

The blog also notes that drinking too much is a common issue with men on Halloween. They recommend limiting alcohol intake so that men can stay sharp and focused when talking to scantily-clad Halloween partiers.

Jennings offer some parting words to her blog’s followers on Halloween: “Look good and meet people on Halloween. But most importantly, have fun.

Men wanting to learn more tips on getting girls can visit How to Get a Girl to Like You at:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Cocktail Party

It's TONIGHT! Don't Miss IT. 
The New Continental Tavern, 2N.Main St, Yardley, PA 
6 to 9pm.
See Events Calendar

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mondays With Martha

Making Excuses?
I talk to a lot of people. Everyone, men and women alike have stresses on their minds. They  are concerned about all sorts of things.  The economy,
their jobs, their business, not having a job, health issues, children, etc. and of course being bored, tired and lonely.
This is where I come in. I hear often from singles that there's no place to go. Or that  it's the same old, same old. Or that some places they've tried might be alright but not great. Or that nobody is out there anyway. So I hear these complaints.
Well, Martha's Singles is providing opportunities for single people to get together, have fun, great  conversation, getting to know each other and more. My next event, "Autumn Cocktail Party" is This Wednesday night 6 to 9pm. It is being held upstairs at  The New Continental Tavern which will provide the ambiance for people to enjoy themselves. Socialize and have delicious food and great drinks.
Now, if you're looking for more out of life, come join me! Try something new! Martha's Singles is here for you.
See Events Calendar for details. Questions? Call Martha #215-584-0188.
RSVP Appreciated.
PS: Maybe, in your future you'll have that date, I tallked about in my last Mondays with Martha post.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn Cocktail Party

It's this Wednesday! 
   Oct 26th 6 to 9 pm      
@The New Continental Tavern, 2 N. Main St, Yardley, PA 
Don't Miss It!
Have a Wonderful Time! Meet & Mingle with Other Fun Singles.
Great Food, Great Drinks, & Great Single People!
Delicious appetizers, Free Raffle tickets (2 pp) for Mystery Prizes, Cash bar. $20.00
See Events Calendar for details. RSVP Appreciated
Questions & RSVP call Martha #215-584-0188.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Cocktail Party 
                                 Wed. Oct 26th 6 to 9pm

Happening @ The New Continental Tavern,Yardley, PA
Great Appetizers, Free Raffle Tickets for Prizes, Cash Bar and of course Fantastic Singles $20.00. Introduce yourself to the social scene and possibly someone new!
 You won't want to miss this event! See Events Calendar for details.
 Questions? Call Martha #215-584-0188
 RSVP Appreciated. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mondays with Martha

 Some of my best date memories were getting together and preparing a great meal.

Of course we always started with a good glass of wine. This kept us cheerful throughout the trials and tribulations of making dinner together.

We divided up our parts as Chefs for the evening. One made the appetizer or salad, the other the main course (meat, poultry, pasta or vegetarian), and one of us, the starch and or vegetable.
Then came the sides, something tasty that complimented the meat or pasta etc.
Always, Always hot crisp on the outside, soft on the inside French or Italian bread with butter.

Later, Dessert, whatever that might be!

The camaraderie, the laughs, the ever entertaining conversation ran through from start to finish.
If you both enjoy this, I'd say things are going well!

Here's a recipe that might be fun.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Cocktail Party 10/26/11 6 to 9pm

Martha's Singles is having a fabulous Cocktail Party! Happening @ The New Continental Tavern, known for its quality food, great drinks & friendly service. Located on  Main St. in Yardley. The private room upstairs is reserved for my guests. Hot & cold appetizers, raffle tickets included for mystery prizes, cash bar. Come on out! Meet & mingle with other fun singles. $20.00 Have a marvelous time! Questions? Call Martha 215-584-0188.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mondays with Martha

Happy Columbus Day

What a beautiful warm day today in the Buck's County area. The days are warm and the evenings are cool. It's nice to venture out, get some fresh air and try something new.
Did you ever go to a  Wine Pairing?  It's a lot of fun. Six different wines are paired with Six dishes that compliment each other.
What's better than sharing a meal, having great wine and of course, good conversation with genuine people! Plus, after the pairings, you get a full glass of
wine, your choice from the six.
Well, that's what's happening tomorrow night @
Martha's Singles Wine Pairing Dinner. Meet new people, make friends and enjoy the food & wine and have a great time!     Hope to see you there. See Events Calendar for details.
Please RSVP to Martha #215-584-0188

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Forget! It's this Tuesday!

Great Food, Great Wine, & a Good Time!

Time is Running Out! Don't Miss this Fabulous Venue.

Singles Wine Pairing Dinner   "Where singles mingle"

See Events Calendar for details. RSVP NOW

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wine Pairing Dinner

Reservations Required
Please RSVP   here @ event rsvp or either or
"marthas singles" <>
Under Pages
See Events Calendar for details
See Reservation Payment
Any questions e-mail me or call #215-584-0188.
Looking forward to seeing all of you.
Don't miss it!  Register Now.