Monday, October 24, 2011

Mondays With Martha

Making Excuses?
I talk to a lot of people. Everyone, men and women alike have stresses on their minds. They  are concerned about all sorts of things.  The economy,
their jobs, their business, not having a job, health issues, children, etc. and of course being bored, tired and lonely.
This is where I come in. I hear often from singles that there's no place to go. Or that  it's the same old, same old. Or that some places they've tried might be alright but not great. Or that nobody is out there anyway. So I hear these complaints.
Well, Martha's Singles is providing opportunities for single people to get together, have fun, great  conversation, getting to know each other and more. My next event, "Autumn Cocktail Party" is This Wednesday night 6 to 9pm. It is being held upstairs at  The New Continental Tavern which will provide the ambiance for people to enjoy themselves. Socialize and have delicious food and great drinks.
Now, if you're looking for more out of life, come join me! Try something new! Martha's Singles is here for you.
See Events Calendar for details. Questions? Call Martha #215-584-0188.
RSVP Appreciated.
PS: Maybe, in your future you'll have that date, I tallked about in my last Mondays with Martha post.

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