Monday, April 27, 2015

Mondays with Martha

Bitch Face Passing  (aka Resting Bitch Face) 

This is how men reference women they come across in everyday life whose  facial expressions appear angry, annoyed, irritated, pissed or semi-murderous. This is real and it’s ruining some women's lives! Bitch Face Passing prevents people from coming near you. You're scaring people off before you even open your mouth.

This happens at the workplace passing someone in the hallway, at the supermarket, or anywhere out in public. Some women may be perfectly happy but their angry face says otherwise. It says “Get the hell away” and eventually they’re going to stop trying to talk to you and do just that. Out at a bar when you’re trying to meet guys, Resting Bitch Face will kill your chances. He wants to buy you a drink and come over to talk to you but he’s terrified that you’ll open your mouth and tell him where to go. Resting Bitch Face is a real killer when it comes to meeting people in the singles scene.

Some women are becoming angry with men. Even though they are lonely and want a man to love them. Many view men as competition at work. Others are angry believing that men get paid more than women for the same job. 

Men are not the enemy and they're not all the same. Regardless of your career choice, you can be in competition with male or female coworkers. 

Regarding pay disparities, there are variables. A couple of examples are that women's resumes may show gaps of not working due to having/raising children and generally women accept less pay when they are originally hired. Many don't stand up for themselves in an assertive way. Or they don't have the confidence to present their case as to why they deserve that raise or promotion.

If you already have a boyfriend, he will probably not buy that you aren’t angry with him when you constantly look angry or bored. He won’t believe you when you say that nothing is wrong. An argument can develop hurting the relationship.

Become aware of how you are perceived in the world. Be friendly and change that go away look to a smile! 

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