Monday, April 13, 2015

Mondays with Martha

Are you finding the love of your life? Here are some questions with my comments from the Soulmate Secret by Arielle Ford.
  • Do you believe your soulmate is out there? You need to really accept and believe that he or she is out there and also looking for you.
  • Are you ready to meet him or her right now? Readiness is very important otherwise you may miss your opportunities.
  • Are you psychologically and physically in your best condition to meet your soulmate? Are you mentally ready to love another person and have them love you? Can you handle the ups and downs that come with any relationship? Your health and physical well being are important. Take care of and love yourself.
  • Is your home ready to receive your soulmate? Take a look at your home. Is it ready for romantic company? If not, take some time to spruce it up.
  • Do you regularly exhibit the qualities you believe your soulmate would find attractive? You want a certain type of person. But are you being the kind of person that man or woman would be attracted to? You need to show those qualities as you live your life every day in this world.
Good and bad things happen in this life. Follow your heart and conscience. Remember, positive energy attracts positive energy.

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