Monday, March 10, 2014

Mondays with Martha

8 ways to up your sex appeal

Fashion designer/business woman Nadja Atwal was named Viva Glam Magazine’s sexiest power woman, beating out Ivanka Trump and Heidi Klum. The hard-working mom gives and gives, including these eight simple tips to help you up your va va voom!

1. Nail that 'I know' look. 
"Even if you don't know it, fake it," Atwal says. "Always maintain that face that tells others, 'I know exactly where I am going. I'm in control." Ya know?
2. Don't follow the fashion herd.
Forget the trends, and opt instead for styles that complement your body type. “Skinny jeans, leggings, mini-skirts and tight T-shirts only look great on lean bodies,” Atwal says. Oh—and don’t be afraid to leave something up to the imagination. “Being truly sexy also means being classy and knowing when to stop flaunting ... More 
3. Hot rollers are a girl's best friend 
Sophia Loren has called hot rollers one of her beauty secrets, and top models and hair stylists agree. "Those little hot magicians save tons of styling time and give any hairstyle more va-va-va-vooom," Atwal says. "Plus, your hair looks great all day, even the next day." (Reuters)
4. Stand up straight!
If you won't take this age-old piece of advice from your mother, take it from Atwal. "Chest out, shoulders back and chin straight up," she directs. "Not only does straight posture look better, it also oozes confidence." Yes ma'am! (Reuters)
5. Make others feel special 
It's not just making an entrance, Atwal says, but being remembered that makes all the difference. "Don't just shake the other person's hand," she advises, "repeat their name with an, 'It's so nice to meet you, Mary,' and be sure to spend more time asking and listening instead of going on and on about yourself." (Reuters)
6. Talk with courage and grace
Women who tell it like it is can be extremely desirable, Atwal says, as long as they can back up their opinion with facts, confidence and poise. "Admitting [calmly and confidently] that one has been wrong on an issue is an even sexier quality," she adds.
7. Great eyebrows make magic happen
"The eyes are the window to the soul, and the eyebrows are the frame," Atwal says. "So hit the waxing or threading salon and say, 'Bye bye, George of the Jungle... hello, George Clooney."(Reuters
8. Fix those toofers
"Smile and the world smiles with you, but only if you sport a decent set of teeth," Atwal says. "The casting directors in Hollywood always pay extra close attention to good teeth when casting a leading man or woman."
If you can't spend $20,000 on a set of veneers, pick up an at-home teeth whitening kit. "Not only will you look better ... More

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