Monday, February 27, 2012

Mondays with Martha

I started out tonight writing about how some young and even older women take advantage and dishearten men by accepting drinks or more from an interested male party when they have zero interest.  The younger set of ladies may think it's funny or a joke. It's not. Believe it or not there are young guys who are not players and may actually be sincerely interested. I don't know. But what I do know is if you are not interested and planning to diss the guy asap,  spend your own money and stay independent. Then, I have young women complaining to me that they don't want to be in a situation where the man is a lot older than them, asks to buy them a drink and they don't know how to refuse Are we going backwards when it comes to social skills? Is this because many singles are texting abbreviated messages and never learned the art of conversation? Just say thanks for the offer but no thanks. If you accept this drink then the nice girl feels obliged to stay with this man.  
Anyway, I was in Yardley today, for the dentist. Met a friend for lunch and afterward stopped at the Yardley Inn. There I met and became involved in conversation with various people and personalities. Some of them were separated but not getting a divorce. They gave me various reasons why but it came down to loss of money, guilt or emotional confusion. A very nice, bright lady said she was separated from her husband who paid her health insurance ( I've heard this reason many times before for no divorce) although she helped him pay his bills. She was seeing someone for four years who also was separated whose wife was sitting on the other side of the bar maybe making it with someone else who was also separated but not divorcing.
I'm getting a headache. 
Yes, everyone can do what they want. However, you might lose out on a great person who could really be totally in love with you but can't accept your emotional and or financial entanglements.

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