Monday, April 7, 2014

Mondays with Martha

Common Question from Women
Some ladies want to know where the men are as they're not finding any. I can offer some ideas on that but the more important question is why you're not meeting anyone. Single men and women are everywhere.
But first, if what you're doing is not working,  I will make an assessment of  what your patterns have been, what you've done wrong so we can make changes for the next time around.  

ANNOUNCEMENT: NOW OFFERING FREE Coaching Sessions on Friday April 25th at my office in Newtown @ 12 Penns Trail.

Dating Mentoring aims not just to find you a date but to help change how you date, how you behave, even how you see yourself. Coaching is personalized, based solely on your needs. I'll help you confront the obstacles that are standing in your way.
Mentoring may include help with flirting and attraction, conversation skills, image redo's, behavior and expectations.

Call Martha #215-584-0188

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