Monday, August 20, 2012

Mondays with Martha

Has this happened to you? Tell me what you think.

Dating: The L word dilemma

This kind of situation can either scare someone off because they don’t feel the same way or it can force a conversation about “where things stand” with you.                                       
I think some people have been the first to say I love you in relationships that they are gun shy with sharing those words. Should you wait to say it when you mean it? Do you say it when you think you are falling?

Why are guys freaked out when a woman they are saying tells them she loves them. After doing all kinds of things with the woman, hearing her say I love you somehow seems outrageous, but why?

When do you think it is appropriate to tell someone you are falling in love, are in love, or love them? When is the wrong time to say it?

By Wise Diva, August 17, 2012, 

 Misadventures in Atlanta

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