Monday, July 2, 2012

Mondays with Martha

Is it hot enough for you? We're having a heat wave!  Now, to heat up your social life!

Single people come in different packages.  They're looking for different things. Some just want to have fun, some want friendship others want lovers, most want both. Some are dating looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, others want marriage. 

But whatever you want, nothing is going to happen if you don't have that first date.

So, for the some that don't know how to get over that initial hump.Here it goes.
Recently, I had a gentleman, late forties, tell me that when he meets a woman that he wants to see again, he  gives her his number or card and asks her, if she's interested to call him . He insists that today women are afraid or nervous and he doesn't want to scare them off.

Nonsense! Keep it simple! Don't overthink  it!
Real men ask for the date and the number. Women that are interested want you to call. That hasn't changed. Now ladies, if you are unsure or not interested, then you can say "I'd like to think about it. May I have your card? Don't be childish and give out wrong numbers.
Regarding safety, you're not giving out your address then and there, just your phone number. In the beginning, you can  always meet at a public place.

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