Monday, June 11, 2012

Mondays with Martha

You don't want to miss my next event!
"Friday Night Party", This Friday June 15th
7:30pm  to 11:00pm
We're Having a Party! 
Meet us at 31 S. State St. Newtown PA 18940 for
We have a Private Room reserved for Martha's Singles.
Fantastic Gourmet Appetizers and Antipasto Platter,
Wine Provided by "Got Wine?" Featuring the wines of Buckingham Valley Vineyards, plus Beer and Soda Bar. 
All Included in the Price! $35.00
Dance Music after 9pm.
Come on out, meet new people, see old friends and possibly make a love connection!
Dress: Sharp City Casual Age Range: All ages app. 30's plus
RSVP Required Call Martha # 215-584-0188 

Now, I'd like to say a couple of things. 
Recently I met with a few people in their late thirties and early forties. They went on and on about the fact that before they attend an event they want to know who is attending and see their picture on-line. They told me they have to see if there's chemistry.   
What! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 
You can't tell by looking at some one's picture (which may not even look like the real person) if you're going to have chemistry. Are some of you singles looking for guarantees? Or you just want to make sure the guests are good looking?
If you are on-line dating and meeting one on one, I can understand seeing a picture and bio beforehand.
Martha's Singles is the alternative to on-line dating.  You meet others in person at great Venues. You make friends, network, and many times you make a love connection. You may be surprised that you might find someone that you never would have thought you would like by looking at their picture.
Sometimes it's just the way someone smiles, or how they carry themselves, their voice, and how they speak and what they say, how they look at you, how they dress, their grooming, their scent. 
You may realize that you can have your list of what you want or look at ads they match you but then meet the love of your life whose ad and or picture you would have passed by.

Martha's Singles is not a club. You always meet new people as I have Venues in different areas.  I don't post singles pictures.
Sometimes an RSVP is required. Mostly it's appreciated. 
Take a chance! There are no guarantees in life. 

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