Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays with Martha

I've been hearing it and observing it from both sides (men & women). 
I've written about and posted articles about this subject before and Here I go again!
This may be a little tough love but it's important.
Martha's Singles provides opportunities for single people to get together, have fun, great  conversation, getting to know each other and more. So, Guys and Gals, If you want to make friends, have a good time, and as I always say, possibly make a love connection , Keep Reading. 
When out at a singles event or anywhere, really, Notice the opposite sex.   Look up and at each other.

Especially for women, Don't let the rain keep you home. 
Don't let "I look too fat"  stop you.
Don't let going out by yourself stop you. ( When you come to my events, you're never alone)
Also, Ladies, when you do show up at a singles venue, Don't flock together like a gaggle of geese so absorbed in conversation or what and how much you get to eat.
Look up and around the room. Make eye contact. Flirt!

What the guys tell me is that women aren't  looking  at them or showing any  interest. It appears to them that you gals are having a grand old time without them. 
Show them interest. Smile at them and be approachable. I understand that your smile or nod may not be returned but to the right one it will be.

Now for the men, If you see a woman that you may be interested in, Approach! 
If you get up to bat and strike out, you try again.  Women don't want to be rejected and neither do you. But you are the men. 
Women still want men to be men. So take the chance. You can miss an opportunity you'll never get again. 

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