Monday, October 1, 2012

Mondays with Martha

Do you buy into the notion of romance? I think we all wish for a bit of romance in our lives because it gives us hope that there's a world in which happily ever after is obtainable. It tells us that someone cares deeply enough to think of us, plan a surprise, and let us know that we are cherished and special. I think that's all any of us really want... to feel appreciated, accepted, and loved. 

What would your ideal romantic evening look like? A stairway lit with tiny white tea candles and love notes left for you to follow clues that lead to a massage table? Dining under the stars? An over abundant vase of  gorgeous white roses? An unexpected jewelry box filled with a necklace, chosen especially with you in mind. Music and dancing? Cuddling in front of the fire with funny dvd's and popcorn?

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