Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Thoughts

It's not an easy life today. No matter what your age, there are various issues and problems to deal with. Recently, I again went to Brooklyn, New York to help my elderly parents. My mother was in a rehabilitation facility for a month after being hospitalized for three weeks. It was difficult to get her discharged, make arrangements for home care and deal with insurance mix-ups. At the same time my dad fell, causing a fracture in his pelvis. He released himself from the hospital after two days. Now they are both at home. God help us.

The point is whatever you're dealing with, you need a balance. We have to laugh and also have fun in our lives. As human beings it's good for us to make social connections and have friends. It is hard to be alone in this world.

Please, keep watching, make comments on this blog and e-mail to get on my mailing list. Good things are to come. Take care.

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